Damian Sanchez - music composer and audio director

Born in 1987, Damian Sanchez is an award winning music composer and audio director based in Valencia, Spain. Damian is known for composing the music for Rise and Shine, Immortal Redneck, Reservoir Dogs and the Blues and Bullets episodic video game. He is the audio director and CEO of the music production company Sonotrigger, engaged in music and audio services for video games.

Classically trained and graduated in Piano, Percussion and Music Composition, and self-trained in music technology and music production techniques, his music is defined as a mix between the acoustic and the digital sound. Most of his scores include elements both from modern theatrical orchestral music and 21th century electronic music elements.

Collaborating with the spanish’s leading game studios, Damian is widely renowned for composing some of the top recent scores in the game development outlook in Spain. His work had been recognized several times, highlighting the nominations at the National Spanish Video Game Industry “Gamelab” awards in 2016 and 2012 and the “Annual Video Game Awards” in 2012. Overseas, he had composed music for the latest 剑侠世界 developed by Seasun Entertainment, one of the leading MMORPG game developers in China.

Along with his interactive works, Damian Sanchez creates music for the scene, highlighting the multi-awarded dOt and Mulïer by Maduixa Teatre.